Andrea Fabry on “The House Hunt”


August 13, 2015

Andrea Fabry – whose whole family became very ill as the result of a toxic mold exposure – wrote an article about the importance of listening to intuition when choosing a home for her natural-living blog It Takes Time.

The name of the article is “The House Hunt.”

From the article:

I have learned to trust my instincts when it comes to purchasing a home. I learned this lesson the hard way 15 years ago while searching for a home in Colorado. 

I remember getting off the interstate 50 minutes after arriving in Denver. We were meeting our realtor to do a walk-through. For some reason, I felt apprehensive. We drove up to the house, in a new development with lots of homes under construction. I noticed boys riding their bikes on the mounds of dirt.

We walked through the front door, and I felt “it” immediately. Disarray and clutter. The house felt “dirty.” I felt uncomfortable. Assuming I was just reacting to the overbearing, gaudy decorating style, I continued the tour.

We walked into each of the six bedrooms, the game room, the in-law suite. With each room, I became increasingly uneasy. Instead of feeling just messy and dark, the house felt deeply oppressive.

As we drove away, I looked at Chris and said, “I don’t like it. I don’t ever want to go back. I know I can’t live there.”


She discussed more objective methods of evaluation in another article, called “Guidelines for Buying A Home.”


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