Andrea Fabry on “DIY Disinfecting Spray”


November 20, 2015

Andrea Fabry – whose whole family became very sick from a toxic mold exposure – wrote an article called “DIY Disinfecting Spray” for her natural-living blog It Takes Time.

From the article:

Trying to avoid harsh chemicals? Interested in making your own household products? Try this simple DIY Disinfecting Spray!

What’s wrong with Lysol?

Lysol, one of the world’s top selling disinfectant sprays, was first formulated using coal tar derivatives in 1889 to stop a cholera epidemic. By 1911, it had become the most common way to commit suicide in Australia. Lysol was used as a method for birth control method during the 1920s until women understood the hazards of douching with something so toxic. 

Now Lysol is formulated with such compounds as dimethyl benzyl ammonium saccharinate, a chemical difficult to pronounce and hard on the immune system.


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