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My Chemical-Free House on “Traveling To Developing Countries With Health Issues”


My Chemical-Free House published an article called “What You Must Consider When Traveling To A Developing Country With Health Issues and Sensitivities.”


From the article:

Recently many folks have set out on a Locations Effect sabbatical without enough information on the risks or challenges in developing nations. They have run into many unexpected problems that I’m going to outline in this post.

There are many developing countries (the Global South, also known as third world countries) that have great outdoor air and might also be appealing in terms of cost savings.

But there are a number of really important things to know before you take off if you are someone that has health challenges or mold and chemical sensitivities.

If you haven’t traveled to a developing country before, or you haven’t traveled while sensitive, it’s essential that you know what you are going into.


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