Dr. Jay Davidson on “Mold – An Uninvited and Unwelcome Guest”


October 10, 2018

Dr. Jay Davidson wrote an article called “Home Invasion! Mold – An Uninvited and Unwelcome Guest.”

From the article:

Mold illness, also known as “mold mycotoxicosis,” has harmful effects on the immune system, the central and peripheral nervous systems, and the respiratory organs including the lungs, sinuses, and throat. It’s associated with an across-the-board inflammatory response and generalized irritation to many organs and systems.3 Mycotoxicosis can occur when molds are inhaled, ingested, or come in contact with the skin.

Toxic byproducts, known as mycotoxins, are produced by many species of mold.4 Over 200 types of mycotoxin have been identified, and many more have yet to be cataloged through ongoing research.

Mold mycotoxins can cause disease and death in humans and animals.5 They range from mild to moderately irritating issues like athlete’s foot to critical and deadly cases such as invasive aspergillosis. 


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