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Dr. Jill Crista on “Break The Mold”


Better Health Guy interviewed Dr. Jill Crista about her new introductory mold book, Break The Mold. 

The article includes the following topics:

How is mold a survivor and how common is mold in buildings in society?

How do mold-associated “bad gasses” impact our health?

Do molds potentially colonize the body resulting in the need for antifungal therapies?

Can immune dysregulation from mold exposure lead to an activation of Lyme, co-infections, or opportunistic microbes in the body?

How is mold allergy different from mold biotoxin illness?

How does mold and mycotoxins lead to food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, and EMF sensitivity?

What is the “Crista Mold Questionnaire” and what do the categories mean?

If someone has to leave their home, what can they taken with them?

What testing is a good initial step in exploring the potential of mold in an environment?

Is urinary mycotoxin testing helpful clinically?

Why is reducing dust important in optimizing an environment for health?

Are some supplements potentially a concern for those with mold issues?

What binders may be helpful, and what needs to be considered before adding binders?

Why is a focus on bile movers important, and what tools may be helpful?

How might lymphatic massage, sauna, or coffee enemas be supportive?


The interview is available on podcast as well as in You Tube format.


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