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Steven Buhner on “Plant-Based Interventions for Coronavirus”


Herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner wrote a two-part article series on plant-based treatments for Covid-19.


Part 1:

Herbal Treatments for Coronavirus Infections


Part 2:

Plant-Based Interventions for Coronavirus


From the second article:

As the coronavirus pandemic has extended its reach, much more has been learned about what it does and how it does it. What has been learned and what is being learned about the virus is presenting a far more frightening picture of what we, as a species, are facing than what was first suspected. On a positive note, before I get further into how scary it is, herbal medicines (despite media hysteria on the subject) are quite capable of treating this virus and the damage it causes in the body – though of course, as is always true, technological medicine has a place in treating the virus as well, especially in its acute stages.


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