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Dr. Ann Shippy on “Environmental Toxicity”


Better Health Guy interviewed Dr. Ann Shippy in a video and podcast called “Environmental Toxicity.”


Following is a list of key takeaways from interview:

How important are genes in recovering from chronic health challenges?

How can toxin introduction into the body be limited?

How is glyphosate toxicity approached and what role might glycine play?

How important are heavy metals in those with chronic health challenges?

Should metal detoxification be aggressively approached or are gentle methods often better?

What are some of the questions that might be asked when considering the potential for mold in the environment?

How often does remediation work for her patients?

What is the difference between mold allergy and mold biotoxin illness?

What tests might be used to explore for the potential of exposure to water-damaged buildings?

What is the connection between yeast overgrowth and mold exposure?

Can mold exposure from water-damaged buildings lead to colonization in the body?

What are the key steps in recovering someone from environmental illness?

What role might sauna therapy, coffee enemas, and HBOT play in patient protocols?

What are the triggers for hair loss in environmental illness?

What are some tools that can help with supporting the parasympathetic nervous system?


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