Better Health Guy on “Parasites”


June 2, 2013

Scott Forsgren of Better Health Guy wrote an article on “Parasites.”

From the article:

Sadly, however, I recognize that parasite testing in the US is about as bad as it gets.  I do believe that almost everyone has the potential of carrying around many parasites which are potentially destructive.  Thus, if you have any chronic health conditions, I would definitely consider the possibility that parasites may be a part of the picture.  They are incredibly easy to get, though often much harder to get rid of.  I had numerous negative parasite tests before energetic and other testing options revealed further parasites such as Strongyloides and Giardia…even after many negative tests!

I have found energetic testing to be incredibly useful when it comes to parasites.  Practitioners that utilize EDS/EAV can often shed some light on a complex health picture.  Additionally, ART (autonomic response testing) from Dr. Klinghardt is an exceptional way to help figure out what is stressing the body and what needs to be dealt with – even how to potentially deal with it.  


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