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Dale Bredesen on “The End of Alzheimer’s”


Better Health Guy interviewed Dr. Dale Bredesen on his research studies and his book, called The End of Alzheimer’s. 

Following is a list of key takeaways from the interview.

How big of a problem is Alzheimer’s?

What is the role of apoE in the potential for Alzheimer’s development?

What are the primary risk factors for the development of Alzheimer’s?

Why is amyloid a potentially a good thing and not something to focus on removing without first addressing underlying causes?

What are the subtypes of Alzheimer’s?

How does insulin sensitivity play a role om Alzheimer’s?

What factors play a role in the the “Toxic” subtype 3?

What is the role of Lyme disease and mold illness in the development of Alzheimer’s?

What is a “Cognoscopy” and how is it performed?

What is the “ReCode” protocol and how is treatment approached?

How are VIP and Synapsin potentially helpful in reversing cognitive decline?

Does Mast Cell Activation Syndrome play a role in the inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s?

Is detoxification important in recovering cognitive function?

Which binders are helpful in supporting detoxification?

Does EMF exposure play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s?


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