Partner Symptoms Poll




This poll was conducted in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group in February 2017.

A total of 107 people participated, with the results listed below.

The question read:

This poll considers symptoms that your spouse or partner may have experienced while living with you prior to starting mold avoidance (or who is living with you at present if you have not started mold avoidance yet). Please only provide information about the most recent partner you were living with at some point while you were in the environment where you lived before starting whatever level of mold avoidance. Please do not answer with regard to partners who were not living with you prior to starting mold avoidance. Please mark all of the following that apply.


59%  Irritability or anger issues. (63 respondents)

39%  Significant reluctance to leave the problematic environment. (42 respondents)

34%  Nasal congestion. (36 respondents)

34%  Depression. (36 respondents)

34%  Significant amounts of fatigue. (36 respondents)

33%  Cognitive problems. (35 respondents)

29%  Insomnia or sleep difficulties. (31 respondents)

24%  Panic attacks or anxiety. (26 respondents)

23%  Unexplained and unwanted weight gain. (24 respondents)

18%  Food sensitivities or chemical sensitivities. (19 respondents)

18%  Lack of interest in sex or sexual dysfunction. (19 respondents)

17%  Some minor physical symptoms but nothing major. (18 respondents)

13%  Especially problematic skin issues. (14 respondents)

13%  Other serious illness. (14 respondents)

10%  Vertigo. (11 respondents)

9%  Significant ADHD type issues. (10 respondents)

9%  Significant unexplained pain issues. (10 respondents)

9%  Chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme or other similar illness. (10 respondents)

8%  Drug or alcohol addition. (9 respondents)

8%  Especially problematic headaches. (9 respondents)

7%  Ongoing significant respiratory symptoms. (8 respondents)

7%  Did not exhibit any physical or psychological symptoms. (8 respondents)

7%  Able to work but only with significant difficulties. (8 respondents)

3%  Mast cell reactions. (3 respondents)

3%  Cancer. (3 respondents)

3%  I know that my illness was related to a work exposure rather than one with my home and so am not participating in this survey. (3 respondents)

3%  I did not at any point in time live with a partner in the home where I resided prior to starting mold avoidance. (3 respondents.)

1%  Became disabled. (1 respondent)


Relationship Issues

28%  My partner became emotionally distant from me. (28 respondents)

17%  My partner has been supportive of my efforts to recover my health. (18 respondents)

10%  My partner withdrew from having a relationship with me. (11 respondents)

9%  The relationship since has ended as a result of my partner’s wishes. (10 respondents)

5%  The relationship since has ended as a result of my wishes. (5 respondents)

1%  The relationship since has ended as a result of the wishes of both my partner and me. (1 respondent)


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