An Interview with Erik Johnson on the Locations Effect, Mold Avoidance, and the Healing Power of Nature


July 1, 2019

Mold avoidance pioneer Erik Johnson was interviewed by the podcast program GeneFood on the topic of “The Locations Effect, Mold Avoidance, Curing Chronic Fatigue and the Healing Power of Nature.”

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Erik Johnson is a survivor of the 1980’s Lake Tahoe epidemic of the disease that the CDC is currently referring to as “ME/CFS.”

His mold avoidance approach – which involves avoiding certain types of highly toxic substances made by microbes using the techniques that he learned for avoiding hazardous materials such as nuclear radiation while serving in the U.S. Army – has been reported to have been helpful to many individuals suffering from a wide variety of chronic illnesses.

More information about him is available in the books Back from the Edge (summarizing his life story); A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance (a guidebook for those wanting to follow his mold avoidance approach); and Erik on Avoidance (a collection of quotes on mold avoidance topics).


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