2019 Helpful People Poll: Which Individuals Do Mold Group Members Believe Helped Them?


February 27, 2020

By Lisa Petrison, Ph.D.

For each of the past four years, I have conducted a poll in the most active mold-oriented Facebook groups asking participants which medical practitioners had been helpful to them in terms of facilitating health improvements.

This year, however, many participants stated that other individuals had been much more helpful to them than any medical practitioners had, and requested that make an effort to recognize those individuals as well.

I therefore conducted a poll in six large mold-oriented Facebook groups asking the following question:

Since starting mold avoidance (of whatever sort), has there been anyone who has been helpful to you in addressing your mold-related illness symptoms?

Please check only those individuals who have been at least moderately helpful to you in terms of addressing your own chronic illness issues.

The help provided may have been with regard to avoidance issues, adjunctive healing issues, or anything else that has made a significant difference in your health.

If you have been a patient of a healthcare practitioner, please do not mention that person here (since those individuals are covered by a recently conducted separate poll). However, please feel free to list healthcare practitioners that have been helpful to you in other ways (such as by writing books or articles), as well as anyone else who has been helpful to you in any way.

This poll is being shared in a number of different mold groups. Please participate in the poll only one time total.

The results of this poll will be summarized in an upcoming Paradigm Change blog article.

Thanks much for your participation in this poll!


The poll was first shared in the Mold Avoiders group on December 26, 2019.

It then was shared a week later in the same other five groups as were used for the 2019 Medical Practitioners Poll.

A total of 200 individuals participated.

The participating groups were Mold Avoiders (88 participants); Practical Mold Avoidance (52 participants); Toxic Mold, CIRS & Lyme Disease Support Group (21 participants); Surviving Toxic Mold (14 participants); Toxic Mold – Rediscovering Health and Wellness (13 respondents); and Toxic Mold Support Group (12 respondents).

Mold group members were instructed to participate in the poll only one time, and participant names were checked across groups to make sure that no one had participated more than once.

Participants were not permitted to vote for themselves.

A total of 161 individuals were mentioned by at least one respondent, and 52 individuals received at least three mentions.

A total of 12 respondents (6% of the total) checked the following option in the poll:  “I have not had anyone (including any medical practitioner) be at least moderately helpful to me since starting mold avoidance.”

Although the instructions stated that participants should not vote for practitioners who had treated them, cross-checking the responses against those of the 2019 Practitioner Poll suggested that almost all mold group members participating in both polls had checked practitioners who had treated them in this poll as well as the other one.

Therefore, for those individuals who had mentioned practitioners in the other poll, I made sure that those practitioners also were given credit for that mention in this poll even in the small number of cases where no mention of the practitioner had been made in this poll.

Although I am very honored to have been reported as having helped so many people in this poll, I would like to point out that I acquired virtually all of my own knowledge about mold avoidance and much of my knowledge about other topics from Erik Johnson.

And that therefore, insofar as people have been helped by me, they have been helped by Erik as well.

Following is a summary of the poll results, along with some additional information about the individuals receiving the most mentions.


1. Lisa Petrison (154 mentions)

Lisa Petrison is the founder of Paradigm Change and Mold Avoiders.

She is the author or co-author of the books A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance and Back From the Edge, and the editor of the book Erik on Avoidance.

She has written a number of articles on mold-related illness issues.

She appeared in the movie Moldy, produced by Dave Asprey.

She runs the Mold Avoiders standalone forum and Mold Avoiders Facebook group.


2. Erik Johnson (113 mentions)

Erik Johnson is a survivor of the Lake Tahoe epidemic during the 1980’s of the disease that went on to be called “chronic fatigue syndrome.”

He developed an approach to healing that he called “extreme mold avoidance” and that now has been used by thousands of people to move toward recovery from serious chronic illness issues.

He is the author of full chapters in the books Mold Warriors and Surviving Mold by Ritchie Shoemaker.

He also is the author of the book Erik on Avoidance and the co-author of the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.

His story is summarized in the book Back From The Edge. 

He was featured in the film What About ME?


3. Ritchie Shoemaker (79 mentions)

Ritchie Shoemaker is a physician who pioneered the treatment of mold illness more than 20 years ago.

He is the author of a number of books, including Surviving Mold and Mold Warriors.

His newest book is State of the Art Answers to 500 Mold Questions.

He has written a number of academic research papers and participated in many interviews on the topic, and trained many other physicians in how to treat the disease.

His website is called Surviving Mold.


4. Bryan Rosner (68 mentions)

Bryan Rosner is the owner of BioMed Publishing, which publishes books on Lyme disease and related topics  written by doctors and other experts.

He also has written five books on Lyme disease himself.

His latest book is Lyme Disease Supercharge, discussing his adventures with mold avoidance.

His website – Mold Avoidance Diary with Bryan Rosner – includes links to his articles, videos, podcasts and books.

He is an administrator of the Practical Mold Avoidance Facebook group.


5. Dave Asprey (66 mentions)

Dave Asprey discusses how he has returned from mold-related illness to a high level of health in his blog and video series at DaveAsprey.com.

He has written several books, including Head Strong.

He produced the movie Moldy, which discusses health effects of toxic mold.

He sells coffee and other products that are stated as being low in mycotoxins through his company Bulletproof.


6. Neil Nathan (55 mentions)

Neil Nathan is a physician focusing on complex medical conditions who has been treating mold illness patients for more than a decade.

He is the author of a book called Mold and Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment 2016. 

His newest book is called Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness.


7. Daniel Cagua-Koo (51 mentions)

Daniel Cagua-Koo is a physician incorporating integrative, functional and environmental medicine approaches into his practice.

He has experienced severe mold hyperreactivity himself and spent most of 2015 seeking out pristine locations in the western half of the United States while living in a converted cargo trailer.

He works in private practice in Massachusetts treating mold illness patients.


8. Jill Carnahan (47 mentions)

Jill Carnahan is a functional medicine doctor with a particular focus on mold toxicity, other types of environmental toxicity, and gut-related issues.

She has written frequently about using functional medicine to address various health challenges and has participated in numerous interviews on the topic.

One of her more recent articles was for the Townsend Letter, called “Mold-Related Illness and Mycotoxins – A Unique Opportunity for Functional Medicine Practitioners.”


9 (tie). Dietrich Klinghardt (44 mentions)

Dietrich Klinghardt is a U.S. physician who frequently discusses Lyme-related health issues in articles, speeches and interviews.

He appeared in the film Under Our Skin about Lyme disease issues.


9 (tie). Simcha MacGregor (44 mentions)

Simcha MacGregor is an administrator of the Practical Mold Avoidance Facebook group.


11. Christa Upton (43 mentions)

Christa Upton is the author of the book Building a House For Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the blog Black Hills Picture Books.

She is an administrator of the Practical Mold Avoidance Facebook group.


12 (tie). Corinne Segura (37 mentions)

Corinne Segura is the author of the blog My Chemical-Free House.

She also has created a large number of videos on the topic of healthy living environments.


12 (tie). Joseph Mercola (37 mentions)

Joseph Mercola is a D.O. and the founder of the Mercola.com website.


14. Carl Grimes (36 mentions)

Carl Grimes is an indoor air quality professional and the owner of Healthy Habitats.


15. Kim Goodwin  (31 mentions)

Kim Goodwin is the author of the blog Little By Little, One Travels Far.

She also shared her story on Honey Colony website.


16 (tie). Andrea Fabry (27 mentions)

Andrea Fabry is the author of the book Is Your House Making You Sick?

Her natural living blog is It Takes Time.

She also runs the toxicity-oriented website momsAWARE.

Her personal-care products company is called Just So.


16 (tie). Kristina Hines (27 mentions)

Kristina Hines is a member of the online mold community.


17. Ana Harris (25 mentions)

Ana Harris is the author of the blog Ana Harris Writes.


18 (tie). Mary Ackerley (23 mentions)

Mary Ackerley is an integrative psychiatrist specializing in treating mold-related illness.

She is the author of the popular Paradigm Change blog article “Brain on Fire: The Role of Toxic Mold in Triggering Psychiatric Symptoms.”

She is the current president of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI).


18 (tie). Julie Weber (23 mentions)

Julie Weber is a member of the online mold community.


20. Jay Davidson (21 mentions)

Jay Davidson is a chiropractor and natural medicine practitioner who has created many articles and videos about treating chronic illness issues.

His supplement company, Microbe Formulas, focuses on addressing parasites and related issues.


21. Sara Riley Mattson (18 mentions)

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of the book Camp Like A Girl.

She also wrote a Paradigm Change blog article, Following in Erik Johnson’s Footsteps.


22. Jack Kruse (16 mentions)

Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon focusing on aging issues.

His website is called Reversing Disease for Optimal Health.


23 (tie). Karen Dean (14 mentions)

Karen Dean is a member of the online mold community.

She recently shared information about some of her experiences in a podcast interview.


23 (tie). Andrew Huang (14 mentions)

Andrew Huang is the author of the blog Age of Enlivenment.


23 (tie). Chris Shade (14 mentions)

Chris Shade is a scientist and head of the company Quicksilver Scientific.

He has participated in many interviews on the topic of mercury detoxification.


23 (tie). Claudia Starkey (14 mentions)

Claudia Starkey is a member of the online mold community.


23 (tie). Todd Watts (14 mentions)

Todd Watts is a chiropractor focusing on issues related to parasites.

He is one of the founders of the supplement company Microbe Formulas.


28 (tie). Jennifer Cannon (13 mentions)

Jennifer Cannon is the founder of the website Surviving Toxic Mold.

She is an administrator of the Surviving Toxic Mold Facebook group.


28 (tie). Sandeep Gupta (13 mentions)

Sandeep Gupta is an Australian physician who focuses on nutritional, environmental and Ayurvedic medicine with a particular emphasis on mold-related illness.

He also provides basic information about chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) to patients in an online training course, called Mold Illness Made Simple.

He was interviewed in a podcast by Better Health Guy and also spoke in a brief video about his holistic approach to medicine.


30 (tie). Betsy Anderson (12 mentions)

Betsy Anderson is a member of the online mold community.


30 (tie). Annie Hopper (12 mentions)

Annie Hopper runs the company Dynamic Neural Retraining System.


32. Greg Muske (11 mentions)

Greg Muske writes a blog called Biotoxin Journey.


33 (tie). Jeanette DeVita (9 mentions)

Jeanette De Vita is a member of the online mold community.


33 (tie). Joseph Salowitz (9 mentions)

Joseph Salowitz is a member of the online mold community.


33 (tie). Rich van Konynenburg (9 mentions)

The late Rich van Konynenburg (“Rich van K”) was a retired physicist interested in the potential of helping ME/CFS patients by improving methylation.


36 (tie). Jennifer Brea (7 mentions)

Jennifer Brea is the director of the movie Unrest.

She recently has shared information on her recovery experiences as a result of addressing CCI issues.


36 (tie). Cheryl Ciecko (7 mentions)

Cheryl Ciecko runs an integrative architectural wellness-consulting company.


36 (tie). Ginger Marth (7 mentions)

Ginger Marth is a member of the online mold community.


36 (tie). Julie Rehmeyer (7 mentions)

Julie Rehmeyer is the author of the book Through the Shadowlands.

She also has written about her experiences with mold avoidance in a number of articles and participated in many interviews on the topic.


36 (tie). Christina Steiger (7 mentions)

Christina Steiger is a member of the online mold community.


36 (tie). Brian Welsh (7 mentions)

Brian Welsh is a member of the online mold community.


42 (tie). Jill Crista (6 mentions)

Jill Crista is a naturopathic physician and the author of the book Break the Mold.


42 (tie). Doug Kaufmann (6 mentions)

Doug Kaufmann is the founder of the television show and website Know the Cause.


42 (tie). Kenyon Keily (6 mentions)

Kenyon Keily is an herbalist specializing in “mystery diseases” and other difficult-to-treat chronic conditions.


45. Jordan Garner (5 mentions)

Jordan Garner is a member of the online mold community.


46 (tie). Aah Bah (4 mentions)

Aah Bah is a member of the online mold community.


46 (tie). Joe Cohen (4 mentions)

Joe Cohen is the founder of the website Self Hacked.


46 (tie). Sheera Goldman (4 mentions)

Sheera Goldman is a member of the online mold community.


46 (tie). Janette Hope (4 mentions)

Janette Hope is a physician specializing in the treatment of mold illness.

Her peer-reviewed papers on the topic of mold illness include a overview article on clinical treatment and a review article on the health effects of ochratoxin.

She was featured in Dave Asprey’s 2015 film Moldy.


50 (tie). Beatrice Latherings (3 mentions)

Beatrice Latherings is a member of the online mold community.


50 (tie). Jane Lim (3 mentions)

Jane Lim is the author of The Silent War Within.


50 (tie). Werner Vosloo (3 mentions)

Werner Vosloo is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician located in Portland, Oregon.


Two Mentions

Rowyn Bakwin

Keith Berndtson

David Brownstein

Tara Christman

Jennifer Dickman Daigle

Jennifer Daniels

Tia Demure

Sonia Di Capo

Evelyn Dixon

Amy Fisher

Leslie Robson Gompf

Debra Graff

Andrew Heyman

Neil Hirschenbeinm

Laurie Ledbetter

Amber Mehresh

Steve Nelson

Laurie Patrick

Lori Roop

Laurie Rossi

Darren Schmidt

Lily Silver

Emily Snelling

Bill Syrjala


One Mention

Scott Amour

Wayne Anderson

John Banta

Sean Bean

Steve Beddingfield

Burton Berkson

Darya Boland

David Buescher

Travis Burch

Jaclyn Carty

Bela Chheda

Jeffrey Chow

Margaret Christensen

Sterling Cooley

Tatiana Corcoran

Chris Couri

Gordon Crozier

Raina Merriott Cunningham

Bridgit Danner

Corey Deacon

Hugh Denham

Lauren DeVille

Joe Dispenza

Thalia Farshchian

Nancy Fisher

Timothy For

Julie Genser

Irene Grant

Ashtok Gupta

Dale Guyer

PJ Harlow

Susie Healy

Sterling Hill

Laura Holland

Don Huber

Douglas Husbands

Carrie Brown Ibbetson

Kathy Ingellman

Stephen Irestone

Daniella Irish

Jessica Jellison

Lysander Jim

Jen Joseph

Kim Kalman

Wendy Kearley

Allan Lieberman

Linda Lofton

Shauna Long

Ben Lynch

Dean Mahlstedt

Aileen Vigo Mayo

Michael McEvoy

Scott McMahon

Kellyn Milani

Bob Miller

Roby Mitchel

Anna Mitcov

Justice Naccarato

Stephen Nitz

Barbara O’Neill

Raj Patel

Kathryn Palser

Stephen Porges

Sara Orenstein Porten

Heather Plude

Terry Pfau

Thomas Price

Mary Ray

Torea Rodriguez

Tamara Rubin

AM Runyan

“Dr. Sebi”

Linda Sepp

Oscar Serrallach

Mary Ellen Shannon

Roland Solensky

Amanda Stiegler

Kam Tacaya

Sara Tamames

Susan Tanner

Robin Thomson

Joey Tuan

Andrea Vik

William Weirs

Bob Wells


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