De Smet, South Dakota



DSCN0553 (2)

A full moon shines over the former Ingalls’ property at dusk just outside De Smet.



DSCN0543 (2)

The Ingalls’ homestead just outside of De Smet, now open as a tourist attraction.



DSCN0551 (2)

A wide view of the former Ingalls homestead.



DSCN0548 (2)

A claim shanty typical of the kind used in the late 1800’s. Note the newspapers serving as insulation.



DSCN0542 (2)

The former Ingalls property now offers overnight camping.



DSCN0544 (2)

The original Surveyors’ House, where the Ingalls family stayed their first winter in De Smet (described in the book “By the Shores of Silver Lake”).



DSCN0547 (2)

The home in town where Ma, Pa, Mary, Carrie and Grace moved shortly after Laura and Almanzo got married.



DSCN0545 (2)

A replica of the Brewster School, where Laura taught when she was only 15 years old.



DSCN0546 (2)

The De Smet school attended by Laura, her sisters and her friends is still standing.



DSCN0549 (2)

A sod home of the sort that the Ingalls family lived in for part of their time in Minnesota (described in the book “On the Banks of Plum Creek”).