1000+ Medical Journal Papers Detail Physiological Abnormalities in ME/CFS



There now are more than 1,000 medical journal articles showing physiological effects of the disease that the CDC is now calling “ME/CFS.”

Many of the more recent ones are high-quality studies in very good journals.

Study citations and brief descriptions of study results were compiled by Paradigm Change and are listed in an article called ME and CFS Medical Abnormalities.

The article is part of the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis website, which is presented by Paradigm Change.

ME/CFS is now officially recognized by the CDC and other government agencies as a serious and physiological disease.

The CDC website was recently updated to provide current information about the illness.

The CDC website brings up mold on the Etiology and Pathophysiology page, stating:

Environmental factors – exposure to mold or toxins has been suspected as a trigger for ME/CFS. However, associations of specific environmental factors with ME/CFS have not been established.


Reports suggest that a high percentage of individuals with mold-related illness qualify for a diagnosis of ME/CFS.

Using that diagnosis when discussing their illness with medical professionals may result in increased credibility for them, now that ME/CFS has been recognized by the medical community as a legitimate physical illness that needs to be taken seriously.


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