Mold Avoidance Guide Links

Note: This is a list of suggested information and product links for the preliminary version of the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.

More about the book can be found on the Avoidance page.

Information about the toxic mold experiences of Suzanne Somers and other prominent individuals can be found on the Mold Stories page.


Chapter 1 – Introduction

An article on the science of mold toxins:


A discussion by Dave Asprey of some of the effects of mold toxins in homes:


Dr. Joseph Mercola on the topic of toxic mold in homes:


Dr. Rick Sponaugle writes about the topic of mold, toxins and chemicals in Suzanne Somers’ book “Bombshell”:


Suzanne Somers interviews Dr. Sponaugle about the variety of symptoms that toxic mold can cause:


A brief article on some symptoms associated with toxic mold exposures:


Dr. Keith Berndtson on why toxic mold illness has remained an invisible disease:


A Paradigm Change article by Erik Johnson and Lisa Petrison, considering the idea that many modern diseases may be related to toxicity:


Case studies of individuals affected by toxic mold:


Additional Mold Illness Stories:


A study about the ability of mold VOC’s to create neurological harm:


Links to articles about the ability of mold to transform materials into nanoparticles:



Chapter 2 – History

Lisa Petrison’s previous book, “Back from the Edge,” details Erik Johnson’s story:


Chapter 23 in Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s book “Mold Warriors” was written by Erik Johnson:


Chapter 17 in Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s book “Surviving Mold” was written by Erik Johnson:


ME/CFS patient Jeri McClure Kurre discusses learning about mold avoidance from Erik Johnson:


Chapter 3 – Overview

A video by Giles Meehan summarizing the use of mold avoidance for M.E. patients:


Chapter 5 – Hyperreactivity

Dr. Joseph P. Klein Sr. discusses his own hyperreactivity to Stachybotrys:


Dr. Janis Bell discusses the toxic mold hyperreactivity component of her ME/CFS:


Chapter 6 – Skeptics

Andrea Fabry writes about the very specific effects of the mold from the house that made her family sick:


Chapter 7 – Sources of Exposure

Neurasthenia patient Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote about her reactions to a moldy home in a short story called “The Yellow Wallpaper,” published in 1899:


“The New York Times” covered the story of mold victim Melinda Ballard in 2001:


Chapter 8 – Toxins

A discussion of the mechanism by which non-toxic molds might trigger negative reactions in some mold avoiders:


Chapter 9 – Unmasking


Chapter 10 – The Sabbatical

An article on the importance of the mold avoidance sabbatical in one M.E. patient’s recovery:


A summary of the improvements that one moderately affected ME/CFS patient experienced during a sabbatical at Joshua Tree National Park:


Chapter 11 – Intensification Response


Chapter 12 – Sabbatical Location

The Paradigm Change blog post “Outdoor Toxins of Relevance to Mold Illness Patients”:


The Locations Effect forum:


The Locations Effect Facebook page:


Kelly Einbinder discussed trying out different locations with the goal of finding one that felt good to her in her blog:


Chapter 13 – Sabbatical Possessions


Chapter 14 – Sabbatical Shelter


Chapter 15 – What About a Tent in the Backyard?


Chapter 16 – The Return Home


Chapter 17 – A Sabbatical Alternative


Chapter 18 – After the Sabbatical

Model Trina Clark discusses having to move dozens of times during the first few years of doing mold avoidance in this video:


Janis Bell discusses the difficulties involved in finding a good home:


A blog by a new mold avoider subsequent to a successful sabbatical:


Chapter 19 – Dealing with Possessions

The Fabry family discuss leaving behind all their possessions after fleeing their moldy home in this CBN news story from 2009:


Andrea Fabry discusses dealing with possessions:


Andrea Fabry discusses cross-contamination of their family’s cars:


Shemane Nugent (wife of rock musician Ted Nugent) blogs about how her family left all their own possessions back in their moldy Michigan home:


Chapter 20 – Avoidance Over Time

A new mold avoider discussed making sufficient progress via mold avoidance to abandon the idea of trying the expensive drug Ampligen:


Jonathan Lee Wright described living outdoors for several years in order to avoid mold in an article in the “Denver Post”:


M.E. patient Janis Bell wrote in detail about her initial experiences pursuing mold avoidance during 2011-2012 in her blog, “Search for the Cure”:


A summary of the Fabry family’s experiences recovering from a long toxic mold exposure:


Chapter 21 – Evaluating Residences

Andrea Fabry discusses helping to choose an apartment for her mold-injured children:


A new mold avoider living in apartments in the western half of the U.S. discusses her journey:


Chapter 22 – Tent Camping

Mold avoider Jill Neimark discusses her experiences with extended tent camping:


“The Best In Tent Camping” book series (this one is on Utah):


BLM dispersed camping information:


Photos of a typical travel center shower:


An article about showering at travel centers (with more info in the comments):


Chapter 23 – Camping Gear

Small REI tent with lots of mesh for ventilation:


Large Big Agnes tent:


LL Bean screen room tent:


LL Bean screen room:


Shelter providing protection from sun and rain:


Heavy steel tent stakes:


Tent stake mallet:


Classic Therm-a-Rest Base Camp sleeping pad:


Thicker Therm-a-Rest Luxury Map sleeping pad:


REI Comfort Cot:


LL Bean Flannel Camp Pillow:


LL Bean Down Camp Pillow:


Synthetic REI mummy sleeping bag:


Warm flannel-lined rectangular sleeping bag from LL Bean:


Thick fleece sleeping bag liner:


Lightweight polyester sleeping bag liner:


LL Bean oversized fleece throw blanket:


Throw-size electric blanket:


REI microfiber camping towel:


Waffle-weave cotton towels:


Waffle-weave cotton robe:


Zodi outdoor shower:


Ecotemp outdoor shower:


NEMO Helio pressure shower:


Solar shower:


Camping shovel:


Coleman two-burner camp stove:


Coleman grill:


Coleman grill stove:


Lodge cast-iron grill pan:


Coleman camp oven:


Solar oven:


Aeropress coffee maker:


Non-electric drip coffee maker:


Engel refrigerator:


Norcold refrigerator/freezer:


A discussion of refrigerators by mold avoider Janis Bell:


Traditional enamelware camping dishes:


Camping mug:


Insulated carafe:


Inverter that converts power from the cigarette lighter to electricity:


Solar panel kit:


Kindle with a long battery life:


Recipe book focused on using fresh ingredients in slow cookers:


Immersion blender useful for making soups or smoothies:


Comfortable REI camping chair:


Camping recliner chair:


REI camping stool:


Camping table:


Small low camping table:


Bright battery-operated lantern:


Coleman Dual Fuel lantern:


Rain jacket that folds away compactly:


Hiking poles:


Hiking staff:


Coleman battery-operated ceiling fan:


Instant heat body warmer:


Chapter 24 – MECU


Chapter 25 – Choosing the MECU

Janis Bell discusses MECU issues:


Chapter 26 – MECU Conversion

Joey Tuan discusses the improvements that he made as a result of living in a custom cargo trailer:


Joey Tuan summarizes information on how to convert a cargo trailer for avoidance purposes:


Chapter 27 – MECU Plumbing


Chapter 28 – Super Toxin Overview

Janis Bell discusses an encounter with a particularly bad toxin:


Chapter 29 – Super Stachy


Chapter 30 – Mystery Toxin


Chapter 31 – Hell Toxin


Chapter 32 – Stealth Toxin


Chapter 33 – Detecting Mold

An article on using shifts in mood to detect mold exposures by Erik Johnson and Lisa Petrison:


An article by Lisa Petrison on using a pulse test to identify problem environments:


Andrea Fabry discusses the importance of intuition in detecting environmental mold:


MyBasis health tracker:


Chapter 34 – The Power Curve


Chapter 35 – Controlling Cross-Contamination


Chapter 36 – Decontamination

Double Detox Soap – Just So


Detox Soap – Collective Wellbeing


EDTA Soap – Holistic Heal


Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo


Chapter 37 – Remediating Cross-Contaminations



Chapter 38 – Laundry



MobileWasher specialty plunger:


Spin dryer:


Homemade laundry soap powder:


Janis Bell writes about laundry issues:


Chapter 39 – Outdoor Toxins

A video by Giles Meehan on the locations effect:


Paradigm Change blog about outdoor toxins:


Locations Effect forum:


Locations Effect Facebook page:


Feel Great Destinations Yahoo group:



Chapter 40 – Water Contamination

A database of spring water sites:


Chapter 41 – Compensating for Exposures

An article on enhancing blood volume in ME:


An article on the use of saline IV’s to counter orthostatic intolerance in ME:


Chapter 42 – Detoxification


Chapter 43 – Detoxification: Cells

A book about the Gerson Therapy:

Chapter 44 – Detoxification: Drainage

An article on using massage to address fibromyalgia issues:


Chapter 45 – Detoxification: Liver & Gall Bladder

An article by a mold survivor on the helpfulness of coffee enemas for her:


Information on doing a cleanse of the liver and gallbladder:


Chapter 46 – Detoxification: Intestinal Tract
A source of compounded cholestyramine:


A video and website about self-care for abdominal adhesions:


Chapter 47 – Detoxification: Sweating

A near infrared sauna for home use:


A clamp lamp appropriate for an infrared bulb:


Chapter 48 – Food

An article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on the role of diet in treating toxic mold illness:


Dave Asprey interviews Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker about mycotoxins in foods and other topics:


An article about food appropriate for those recovering from mold illness by Lisa Petrison:


An article on the relationship between probiotics and histamine intolerance:


An article on stevia:


Chapter 49 – Pathogens

A water ozonator:


Super Good Stuff Nasal Wash:


Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s treatment of MARCoNS:


BEG nasal spray:


Discussion of treating sinus infections with baby shampoo:


Chapter 50 – Medical Care

A paper by Dr. Keith Berndtson on the science of mold illness:


A slide presentation by Dr. Keith Berndtson on the science of mold illness:


A video interview with Dr. Raj Patel on mold illness:


Laboratory tests recommended by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker to diagnose mold illness:


A summary of the HLA DR genetics of mold illness by Dr. Dave Ou:


A peer-reviewed paper by Dr. Janette Hope on treating mold illness:


An article on treating mold illness in the publication Townsend Letter:


A paper on the role of mycotoxin in M.E. by Dr. Joseph Brewer and colleagues:


A short book by Dr. Mary Beth Short-Ray on mold illness:


Dr. Mary Ackerley discusses the ability of toxic mold to trigger psychiatric symptoms:


A published paper detecting mycotoxins in the urine of CFS patients:


RealTime Laboratories’ mycotoxin test:


Methylation pathways test:


23andMe genomic test:


Genetic Genie


Published paper on VIP:


Chapter 51 – Emotional Recovery

Andrea and Chris Fabry discuss rebuilding a spiritually meaningful life after a toxic mold exposure:


Andrea Fabry reflects back on her family’s experiences:


Chris Fabry writes about the unfairness of toxic mold:


An article on a recovery from fabric sensitivity via brain retraining:


Chapter 52 – Mold-Safe Construction

An article about mold-free building ideas:


Dave Asprey discusses building a healthy home:


A blog focusing on building a mold-safe and chemical-free tiny house as well as a custom trailer:


An article on guidelines for renting or buying a home:


Chapter 53 – Testing & Remediation

A Wall Street Journal article on renovating a townhouse from toxic mold:


Information about the ERMI and HERTSMI-2:


More information about the HERTSMI-2:


An article about mold-sniffing dogs:


A collection of information on dealing with flooding and water events:


Dr. Joseph Mercola interview Dr. Jack Thrasher home remediation issues:


An interview with Dr. Jack Thrasher on remediation issues:


Dr. Jack Thrasher is interviewed about the ERMI.


Heather Plude blogs about how her family successfully remediated their home after a severe illness, amongst other mold-related topics:


An article in “The New York Times” about the difficulties of remediating after Hurricane Sandy:


An article from 2001 about a family who gave up on their moldy home and all their possessions, arranging to have all of it burned to the ground:,,20134855,00.html


A discussion about testing and remediation in “A Beginner’s Guide to Toxic Mold”:


Chapter 54 – Rebuilding a Life


Chapter 55 – Managing the Responses of Others

Chris Fabry discusses his reaction to his wife’s insistence on mold avoidance:


Chris Fabry consider how men often respond to a toxic mold crisis:


Dr. Lisa Nagy discusses marital discord that can occur when toxic mold is an issue:


An article on how loved ones can help those recovering from toxic mold illness:


Andrea Fabry discusses renters’ issues:


CNN discusses the prevalence of mold in schools:


Kathleen Manganaro discusses acquiring ME/CFS while working in a moldy school:


Appendix 1 – Chronic Multisystem Illness

CDC definition for CFS:


A Discover magazine article on the relationship between BMAA and ALS:


An article on the mechanisms by which BMAA may contribute to ALS:


The study comparing the locations of Lyme deaths and MS deaths:


Appendix 5 – Disclaimer & Safety Issues

Information about  professional remediation: