Paradigm Change Donations

Paradigm Change has the primary goals of providing information to make people more aware of mold-related illness issues and of helping those who are attempting to recover from mold-related illness to make progress with that as efficiently as possible.

There are significant expenses involved in running the operation. Website hosting, email newsletters, online surveys, map hosting and photo rights all cost money.

In recent months, several people have asked if they could donate money to support Paradigm Change’s operations. I thus am adding a Pay Pal Donate button to this site.

Please note that at least at this time, Paradigm Change is not a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Therefore, the government does not allow tax deductions to be taken for money contributed to support this enterprise.

Thanks very much to all who consider supporting the goals of the organization by making a contribution. I am very grateful for your kind wishes.


Lisa Petrison
Paradigm Change