Mold Websites

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Following is a list of websites providing information about the topic of toxic mold illness.




Paradigm Change

Information about the role of mold toxins in chronic illness.


Surviving Mold

Information about a variety of aspects of toxic mold and toxic mold illness from Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.


Biotoxin Journey

Informative articles on mold remediation and a wide variety of other mold-related topics from Gregory Muske.


Mold B Gone

50 short articles on various mold-related topics, written by remediation professional Sanjay Gupta.


Mold Safe Solutions

A wide variety of information about building mold and many other mold-related issues.


Toxic Mould Support Australia

Website focusing on mold issues related to those located in Australia and elsewhere.


Jack D. Thrasher, Ph.D.

Information about toxic mold and other environmental toxicity from toxicologist Jack Thrasher.


Global Indoor Health Network

Information about toxic mold and other indoor air quality health issues.


Know the Cause

The website associated with Doug Kaufman’s television show, focusing on the science of the effects of fungi, molds and yeasts on human health.


Mold Mentor

A website presented by Kurt and Lee Ann Billings, authors of the book Mold: The War Within.


Biotoxin CIRS Help

Information about toxic mold illness, also known as CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome).


Surviving Toxic Mold

Information about the dangers of toxic mold.


Truth About Mold

Information about toxic mold and mold illness.


Mold Help

Information designed for victims of toxic mold.


The Mould Blog

Health tips, advice and research highlights from the literature on indoor air quality.


Are You Moldy?

Information for victims of toxic mold.


Mold Blogger

A website about fighting and conquering toxic mold and the consequences of mold exposure.


Black Toxic Molds

A website with basic information about toxic molds and mold illness.


All Things Mold

Website for not-for-profit mold organization focusing on New York and New Jersey.


Be Toxin Free

A website on prevention of mold and other toxins as well as flood cleanup, with a focus on the Boulder, CO, area.


Divinely Toxic

A website about “mycotoxins, toxic mold, toxins, candida and you.”


Toxic Mold Illness

Information on mold illness.


Chemical-Free Gal

Raising global awareness about mold and other environmental toxins.


Mold Misery

A website considering all of the negative health effects of mold.


Liberty School Mold

A website about mold problems as they can relate to schools.





Living Clean in a Dirty World

A treatment-oriented blog presented by Paradigm Change.


Rabbit Hole

Emailed information about avoidance from Lisa Petrison.



Information on creating non-toxic healthy home environments (with a substantial focus on toxic mold) by Andrea Fabry.


It Takes Time

Information on natural living – with a focus on toxic mold hazards – by Andrea Fabry.


Stachybotrys Website

A website about hyperreactivity to Stachybotrys, by Dr. Joseph P. Klein Sr., M.D.


Mold, Biotoxin and Environmental Cure Project

Information about recovering from biotoxin illness.



A biohacking blog with frequent discussion about the dangers of mycotoxins by Dave Asprey.


Better Health Guy

Information on recovering from chronic Lyme disease with discussion of the dangers of toxic mold by Scott Forsgren.


Planet Thrive

Information for victims of environmental illness of all kinds.


Get Well From M.E.

Information about treatment for M.E. by Giles Meehan, with several videos about toxic mold or the locations effect.


The Quantified Body

Information relevant to recovering from mold-related illness from Damien Blenkinsopp.





My Passion 4 Health

Information relevant to mold illness from psychiatrist Mary Ackerley, M.D.


Park Ridge Multi-Med

Information relevant to mold illness from Keith Berndtson, M.D.


Bridges to Health

Information relevant to mold illness from Dave Ou, M.D.


Toxic Black Mold Syndrome

Information about mold illness from Mary Beth Short-Ray, D.O.


Jill Carnahan, MD

Information about mold illness and other topics from Jill Carnahan, M.D.


Mold Illness Made Simple

Information about mold-related illness from Dr. Sandeep Gupta.


Lisa Nagy, MD

Information on mold-induced illness and environmental medicine by Lisa Nagy, M.D.


Sarah Myhill, MB BS

Information relevant to ME and CFS (including some mold-related information) from Dr. Sarah Myhill from the UK.





Mold Sensitized

An organization of construction/remediation professionals and others with the goal of helping mold-sensitized people to obtain safe living environments.


Create Your Healthy Home

Information from mold remediator May Dooley.


John C. Banta

Mold remediation professional John C. Banta provides information on building-related issues.


Shelter Build Healthy

Information on healthy housing from Jeff Ehrlich and Adam Reiser.



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