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Following is a list of links to informational resources in addition to this website that are produced by Paradigm Change.


Lake Tahoe

Paradigm Change Blog

This blog has the goal of examining the role of environmental toxicity in human illness in a thoughtful way. Advocacy efforts for M.E. also are discussed. The main authors are Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson, with occasional guest blogs. (Pictured: Lake Tahoe.)

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Young green plant in soil

Living Clean in a Dirty World

This blog provides a forum for those working to improve their health through attention to toxins to share their experiences with others. Submissions of quality essays are encouraged. (Pictured: A seedling struggles to take root and grow.)

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Mold Avoiders

Mold Avoiders is a recovery help project where any types of issues of interest to those pursuing mold avoidance can be discussed. The foundation of the group is the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance. It is presented by Paradigm Change and Rabbit Hole. (Pictured: Death Valley National Park, a popular mold sabbatical location.)

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Mercey Hot Springs

Locations Effect

The Locations Effect Facebook page provides stories and photos about “feel-good” locations. The Locations Effect website (now archived) served as repository for people with chronic illness to note how they felt when visiting different locations – information that is now collected in the Locations Ratings section here on the Paradigm Change website. (Pictured: Mercey Hot Springs, a “feel-good location” about two hours from the San Francisco Bay Area.)

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Avoiding Mold

Avoiding Mold

This is a Facebook page sharing information of interest to those pursuing mold avoidance in order to improve their health. (Pictured: An M.E. patient regains some ability to exercise while on vacation in the clean air of Moab, Utah.)

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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This website provides basic factual information on the disease of ME and on the broader condition of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The website blog provides information on advocacy issues. An associated Facebook page provides links to new media stories, journal articles and other information about the disease. (Pictured: The old Royal Free Hospital in London, where an outbreak of ME occurred in the mid-1950’s.)

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Downtown Truckee

Paradigm Change Publishing

Paradigm Change has published a number of books on topics related to toxic mold illness and mold avoidance. Included are Back from the Edge (currently available for free to those signing up for occasional email updates from Paradigm Change); A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance (currently available for free to those signing up for occasional email updates from Rabbit Hole); and Erik on Avoidance (currently available for free download). (Pictured: An illustration from the book Erik on Avoidance.)

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Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is an organization created by Lisa Petrison to provide mold avoidance information to those who need it. Included are books, information sheets, emailed newsletters and a Facebook group.

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Lake Tahoe

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