Christa Upton on “A Pretty Head Wrap For Health”


April 23, 2017

Christa Upton wrote about how she covers her hair when going into problematic buildings in an article called “A Pretty Head Wrap for Health” on her blog Black Hills Picture Books.

From the article:

It really helped!! As soon as I got to the car after the hospital visit, it took it off (along with other outer layers of clothing with clothing underneath still not too contaminated). Then of course bath at home. I keep forgetting that you can also blow-dry (outside!) your dry hair even before washing, and that helps. too.

And I thought this looked much nicer than the time I tried an appointment with a towel on my head.  LOL

I cannot tolerate any masks (long story), but I can help protect my hair; hair is so absorbent of vocs.


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