Sara Tamames on “Principles of the TudoFresco Diet”


November 29, 2016

Sara Tamames wrote an article on “Principles of the TudoFresco Diet” for her blog Beyond Mold: Thriving.

From the article:

The diet I follow is based on a few simple principles that I use.

I eat only fresh organic produce and organic meat, olive oil, coconut oil and gee.

I divide vegetables into 2 groups:

* high calorie density starchy vegetables: potatoes and sweet potatoes

* low calorie density vegetables: any other vegetable

I have found that eating a high quantity of starch at once is likely to encourage the growth of unwanted microorganisms in the guts such as candida and other opportunistic or pathogenic microorganisms.

However, if the starch is consumed alongside a high amount of non-starchy vegetables, the fibre feeds probiotic microorganisms and prevents the overgrowth of unfavourable microbes.


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