Sioux Falls Ford on “A Transit-Sized Solution For Relief from Mold Toxicity and Biotoxin Illness”


May 15, 2017

Sioux Falls Ford discussed Sara Riley Mattson’s use of a Ford Transit as a way to get into the wilderness in a newsletter article “A Transit Sized Solution for Mold Toxicity and Biotoxin Illness.”

From the article:

The Transit held a few benefits that were important.  First and foremost, it felt great to drive!  It also came in a non-diesel engine option and it was a bit boxier to help with conversion.  Plus, it helped that Ford dealerships are numerous and can be found anywhere when traveling across the country.

Sara’s preferred choice was a Ford Transit Mid Roof that she found in inventory with rear windows and a window above the sliding door that makes it feel comfortable and really helps bring in some natural lighting.

Not only is finding the right Transit important, but Sara mentions that which dealership the van is bought from matters too.  Which city a van is located in (where it’s been sitting) affects how well the van will help with health issues.  Just like Sara suffered more living in a big city, a van will also take in the city environment and make it less clean.  Sioux Falls, SD is a great place to buy a Ford Transit because the environment is more open and clean.  She has mentioned that people ask her where they should buy their van; including inquiries from Florida and Utah.  Sara directs them to Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln for their Ford Transit shopping and purchase.

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