Bryan Rosner on “Using an RV for Mold Avoidance”


August 30, 2018

Bryan Rosner discussed his experiences following Erik Johnson’s approach to mold avoidance in a LymeBook blog article called “Extreme Mold Avoidance.”

The article includes a discussion of “Bryan’s Quick Trailer Tips for Mold Avoidance” and a variety of other information relevant to those pursuing this approach:

Myself and our family of 5 have lived in a travel trailer full time for the past 6 months, while doing mold avoidance. While we own two homes, we have chosen this lifestyle for healing. We’ve made some big mistakes and learned a lot, and here are the lessons I’ve learned. I hope that by sharing them with you, you can get a headstart on the process and avoid costly mistakes! Find the tips just below this photo of me and my son as our family did mold avoidance in South Eastern Arizona…

We tried 100+ travel trailers and couldn’t tolerate the chemicals / VOCS / formaldehyde in any of them at all. Walk in and hold breath and walk out. The ONLY one we could tolerate was the coachmen freedom express line. We like the Select trim within this line because it is the cheapest. More on that later. The actual model # is the 29 SE. But size will vary depending on your family size. This model takes a few weeks to off gas but was pretty decent for us right away. 


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