Mold Avoiders Poll Results: Helpful Medical Testing



This poll was conducted in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group in March 2017.

The question and responses were as follows:

Are there any medical tests that appear to have provided concrete and substantial help to you in allowing you to be treated more effectively for your illness? Please mark all that apply.


1. HLA DR test (73 respondents)

2. Thyroid panel (68 respondents)

3. MTHFR genetic testing (59 respondents)

4. Shoemaker panel (57 respondents)

5. Hormone levels (such as estrogen and progesterone) (51 respondents)

6. VCS test (46 respondents)

7. IGeneX test (37 respondents)

8. Muscle testing (36 respondents)

9. EBV panel (34 respondents)

10. 23andme test (30 respondents)

11. C4 or C4a (29 respondents)

12. Hair testing (metals/minerals) (27 respondents)

13. RealTime Labs Mycotoxin test (24 respondents)

14 (tie). Stool Testing general panel (22 respondents)

14 (tie). Neuroquant MRI test (22 respondents)

16. Mold IgG testing (19 respondents)

17. Natural Killer Cell Function test (18 respondents)

18. Saliva Adrenal Function test (16 respondents)

19. Adrenal test (ACTH and cortisol) (15 respondents)

20. Mycoplasma test (14 respondents)

21. Standard Lyme testing (13 respondents)

22 (tie). Vitamin Level testing (11 respondents)

22 (tie). Herpesvirus IgG test (11 respondents)

24 (tie). Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Gene test (10 respondents)

24 (tie). HHV6 test (10 respondents)

26 (tie). MSH test (8 respondents)

26 (tie). TGF-beta-1 (8 respondents)

28 (tie). Thermography (7 respondents)

28 (tie). SIBO breath Test (7 respondents)

28 (tie). Food Allergy Blood Test (7 respondents)

28 (tie). DMSA Urine Challenge Test (7 respondents)

32 (tie). TNF Alpha Test (6 respondents)

32 (tie). Mammogram (6 respondents)

34. EDTA Urine Challenge Test (5 respondents)

35 (tie). ADH Test (4 respondents)

35 (tie). Urine Heavy Metals Test (4 respondents)

35 (tie). DHEA Testing (4 respondents)

38 (tie). Glutathione Level Test (3 respondents)

38 (tie). Cardio Pulmionary Exercise Test (3 respondents)

38 (tie). SPECT scan (3 respondents)

38 (tie). Colonoscopy (3 respondents)

38 (tie). Health Diagnostics Methylation Pathways test (3 respondents)

38 (tie). I do not think that I have had any tests that were helpful to me (3 respondents)

38 (tie). Enteroviruses test (3 respondents)


Two Respondents Each

Bioresonance Testing

Coca Food Sensitivity Pulse Test

Environmental Allergy Testing

Fibrin Clotting Test

Lyme DNA Test

I’m not sure whether I have had any tests that were helpful to me.


One Respondent Each

Amino Acids Absorption Profile

Asyra Test

Computer Analysis of Outward Breath

Darkfield Test

Fractionated Porphyrins Test

Genova Diagnostics Detoxigenomics Profile

Heliobactor Pylori Breath Test

Quicksilver Mercury Tri Test


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