Mold Avoiders Poll Results: Helpful Binders


May 28, 2018

This project was conducted in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group in May 2018. A total of 111 people participated.

The first poll question read:

Are there any binders or chelators that you believe have been substantially helpful to you with regard to improving your health over the short-term or long-term? Please mark all that apply. You may add items to the list.


The second poll question read:

If you have tried a binder/chelator from this list and it doesn’t seem like it was helpful to you (or if it seemed like it was harmful to you), then please mark it in this poll. You may add items to the list. 


Presented here is information on the percentage of triers for each treatment who said that they had been helped by it; percentage of the total respondents who had tried the treatment; and raw numbers of those who said that they had been helped vs. not helped by the treatment.


Cooked Fruits & Vegetables:

84% Helped (17% Tried/16 Helped/3 Not Helped)


Raw Fruits & Vegetables:

81% Helped (23% Tried/21 Helped/5 Not Helped)



73% Helped (14% Tried/11 Helped/4 Not Helped)


Bentonite Clay:

70% Helped (24% Tried/19 Helped/8 Not Helped)


Activated Charcoal:

70% Helped (63% Tried/49 Helped/21 Not Helped)



69% Helped (43% Tried/33 Helped/15 Not Helped)



68% Helped (17% Tried/13 Helped/6 Not Helped)


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA):

67% Helped (14% Tried/10 Helped/5 Not Helped)


Apple Pectin:

67% Helped (8% Tried/6 Helped/3 Not Helped)


Brown Seaweed (Modifilan or Limu):

67% Helped (3% Tried, 2 Helped, 1 Not Helped)



67% Helped (3% Tried, 2 Helped, 1 Not Helped)


Lugol’s Iodine

63% Helped (7% Tried/5 Helped/3 Not Helped)


Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP):

62% Helped (12% Tried/8 Helped/5 Not Helped)



62% Helped (12% Tried/8 Helped/5 Not Helped)


Takesumi Supreme:

60% Helped (5% Tried/3 Helped/2 Not Helped)



60% Helped (5% Tried/3 Helped/2 Not Helped)



58% Helped (28% Tried/18 Helped/13 Not Helped)


Diatomaceous Earth (DE):

57% Helped (13% Tried/8 Helped/6 Not Helped)



57% Helped (6% Tried/4 Helped/3 Not Helped)



53% Helped (14% Tried/8 Helped/7 Not Helped)



50% Helped (7% Tried/4 Helped/4 Not Helped)



50% Helped (5% Tried/3 Helped/3 Not Helped)



50% Helped (4% Tried, 2 Helped, 2 Not Helped)



50% Helped (2% Tried, 1 Helped, 1 Not Helped)



47% Helped (17% Tried/9 Helped/10 Not Helped)



44% Helped (16% Tried/8 Helped/10 Not Helped)


Chia Seeds:

42% Helped (17% Tried/8 Helped/11 Not Helped)


Microsilica (IMD, MetalSweep):

40% Helped (5% Tried, 2 Helped, 3 Not Helped)



33% Helped (3% Tried, 1 Helped, 2 Not Helped)


Acacia Fiber:

17% Helped (5% Tried, 1 Helped, 6 Not Helped)


Manuka Honey:

17% Helped (5% Tried, 1 Helped, 5 Not Helped)


A collection of additional poll results can be found on the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog.


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