Ana Harris on “My Brain Retraining Story”


September 11, 2018

Ana Harris discusses her experiences attempting to make her mold and chemical sensitivities go away in an article called “My Brain Retraining Story” in her mold-oriented blog Ana Harris Writes.

She reports:

Even though I had stopped doing the exercises I was still in the mindset that I shouldn’t try to notice symptoms too much. I was in a good location so I figured it was okay not to think so much about mycotoxins. I stopped paying attention to exposures and stopped decontaminating immediately. I could no longer sense mold contamination on items and thought it was probably a good thing.

Until I woke up one day and realized that I was very nearly disabled once again. How did I end up back here? Had I really spent most of the last four months laying in my hammock? I wasn’t reacting to things in an acute way, but my post exertional malaise was back with a vengeance. My liver was hurting daily. My fatigue was so crushing and my brain so foggy that I was spending my days in a stupor. I was achy all over. My lymph nodes were swollen. I was trying all sorts of supplements to help symptoms with only marginal success. 

When I started waking up with a swollen face and throat, I finally got the message my body was trying to send. My environment was no longer clear enough for healing to continue. Unfortunately, I had re-masked (was not reacting to problematic toxins in an acute way) without even noticing. 


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