Andrea Fabry on “Pets and the Environment”


November 15, 2016

Andrea Fabry wrote an article about “Pets and the Environment: Toxic Mold, Chemicals and Wireless Radiation” in her natural living blog It Takes Time. 

A quote from the article:

I wish we had known to consider our indoor environment when we moved into our toxic home in 2000. (Read our family’s story here.)

Our parakeet, Gabriel, died soon after moving into the home. We continued to buy parakeets, and each one died within months. One of them developed a strange fungus all over his body and even chewed off his foot!

Our two cats became sick with bladder infections. Our Bichon Frise, Pippen, became insulin dependent within the first two years. After our botched remediation, when our family’s health declined rapidly, Pippen, already blind, developed red eyes, became disabled, and repeatedly chewed on his fur.

Interestingly, and certainly not coincidentally, the parakeet we purchased soon after leaving our home is still thriving seven years later.


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