Andrea Fabry on “The Health Benefits of Fasting”


May 12, 2016

Andrea Fabry – whose whole family became very ill from a toxic mold exposure – wrote an article about “The Health Benefits of Fasting” on her natural-living blog It Takes Time.

From the article:

As one who grew up in the ’60s with boxed foods and TV dinners galore, I was never without food. I didn’t miss a meal and snacked throughout the day. When I traveled to Europe for 10 weeks in 1979, I experienced real hunger for the first time. I learned that my body could go without food for brief periods of time. I lost weight and felt better.

When I returned to the States, I resorted to my old eating patterns. This time I snacked on healthy foods, but didn’t consider fasting until my health declined in 2008. (Read the story of our toxic mold exposure here.)

As we altered our lifestyle and diet, I attempted my first fast in 2009. I fasted for 2 1/2 days on green juice. I was nervous and unsure. But I felt the benefit immediately. By relieving stress on my digestive system, my brain cleared and my mood improved. My energy soared.

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