Andrea Fabry on “How I’m Minimizing My Risk of Breast Cancer”


May 2, 2016

Andrea Fabry – whose whole family became ill from a mold exposure – wrote an article about “How I’m Minimizing My Risk of Breast Cancer” in her natural-living blog It Takes Time.

From the article:

I have been on high alert for breast cancer since entering adulthood. My mother and both grandmothers had breast cancer. After 20 years of living in fear of my genetics, I learned that I can do more than just hope for the best.

Recent research suggests gene expression is highly connected with environmental factors. The field of epigenetics has shown such great promise that the National Institutes of Health has formed the Roadmap Epigenomics Project.

Dr. Ted Schettler has authored the hopeful and informative resource The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The Promise of Prevention and the Hope for Healing. 

Dr. Schettler is a leading voice in the field of Ecological Health, a way of understanding biological systems as they interact with their environmental contexts.

He concludes his book this way: “Individuals needing to make changes in their lives to address these opportunities can do that in whatever sequence and combination works for them.”

I have slowly been incorporating these lifestyle changes over the last eight years, believing that every change matters—no matter how small.


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