Best Locations Poll




This was a poll that was conducted in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group in 2017. Following are the question and the responses from the group.

“Of all the places that you have been, which ones have you felt were the best in terms of their effect on your health? Please choose up to three locations where people can live or camp. Feel free to add locations to this poll.”


1. Death Valley National Park, CA (5 respondents)

2 (tie). Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, CA (3 respondents)

2 (tie). Campgrounds near Dolores, CO (3 respondents)

4 (tie). Grand Canyon National Park, AZ (2 respondents)

4 (tie). Morongo Valley, CA (2 respondents)

4 (tie). Reno, NV (2 respondents)


One Mention Each

Barstow, CA

City of Rocks State Park, NM

Corona del Mar, CA

Dead Sea, Israel

Dumfries & Galloway Region, Scotland

El Morro National Park, NM

Foothills between Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

Folly Beach, SC

Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT

Malibu Beach, CA

Outer Banks, NC

Playa del Carmen/Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

San Simeon, CA

Sierra Madre, CA

Snow Canyon State Park, UT

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Washington, DC

Wind Cave National Park, SD


A collection of additional poll results can be found on the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog.


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