Mold Illness Facebook Pages


Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico, described by an M.E. patient as having relieved almost all of his symptoms within two weeks of arrival. (Photo credit: Damien Blenkinsopp.)


Following is a list of public Facebook pages that regularly discuss the topic of mold illness or mold avoidance.


Paradigm Change

Updates on new informational content produced by the Paradigm Change organization and other high-quality articles.


Avoiding Mold

Information on mold avoidance and mold illness, including answers to questions by experienced mold avoiders. A Paradigm Change information source.


The Locations Effect

Photos and stories about people’s experiences in feel-good locations. A Paradigm Change information source.


Living Clean in a Dirty World

Treatment-oriented information about environmental toxicity. A Paradigm Change information source.


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Information on ME and CFS, with a focus on mold and toxicity issues. A Paradigm Change information source.


Surviving Mold

Medical information on mold illness, from Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.



Information from the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness, founded by a group of doctors focused on mold-related illness issues.



Information on creating healthy home environments from Andrea Fabry.


Get Well From M.E.

Treatment-oriented information from Giles Meehan, including discussion of mold avoidance.


Dave Asprey

Information about biohacking with frequent discussion of mycotoxins from Dave Asprey of Bulletproof.


My Chemical-Free House

Information on construction for those reactive to mold toxins as well as chemicals.


Better Health Guy

Information on recovering from chronic Lyme disease with discussion of mold toxicity from Scott Forsgren.


Julie Rehmeyer, Author

Information from Julie Rehmeyer, a mold avoider and the author of the book Through the Shadowlands.


Black Hills Picture Books

Information from mold avoider and author Christa Upton.


Ana Harris Writes

Updates from mold avoider Ana Harris.


Healthy Home Design

Information about housing issues from mold avoider Kim Goodwin.


Mold Illness

Information from the authors of the book Mold Illness: Surviving and Thriving.


Surviving Toxic Mold

Information on healing naturally from mold illness from Jennifer Cannon.



Information about biohacking from mold avoider Damien Blenkinsopp.


Living Mold Free

Information about avoiding environmental mold.


Dragonflymcs Mold & Chemical Survivors II

Information on mold and chemical illness.


Mold Safe Solutions

Information about mold illness and mold allergies.


Mold Illness: Had I Known

Support for people who have been injured by water-damaged buildings.



Information from the Dussault Foundation for the Establishment of Non-Toxic Dwellings, a not-for-profit organization.


Toxic Mould Support Australia

Information about mold-related issues with a focus on Australia.


Mold Illness Made Simple Course

Information about healing from mold-related illness from Dr. Sandeep Gupta.


Dr. Jill Carnahan, M.D.

Information about healing from mold-related illness and other chronic illnesses from Dr. Jill Carnahan.


Park Ridge MultiMed

Information about healing from mold illness from Dr. Keith Berndtson, M.D.


Bridges to Health

Information about healing from mold illness from Dr. Dave Ou, M.D.


Dr. Jay Davidson

Information relevant to healing from mold-related illness from Dr. Jay Davidson.


Mold Safe Solutions 

Information about mold issues from a mold inspector.


Remediation for Sensitized Individuals

Information about mold issues from a mold remediation organization.


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